Trading & Procurement

We trade and procure the following items:
  • Basic food stuff (Maize and Maize flour, Wheat flour, rice, milk, spaghetti, cooking oil etc)
  • Medical supplies
  • Medical equipments
  • Solar products (Solar panels, solar geysers etc.)
  • Construction Materials (Steel structures, water pipes, sewage pipes etc.)

Executive Training

Our training program can be customized in order to meet the needs of every client. We provide assistance to post graduate students and MBA students as well as to corporate clients. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the important modules we offer.
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Managerial Economics
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Corporate Marketing Strategies
  • Etc.

Investments & Consulting

We assist the potential investors in the following areas:
  • Opportunity identification
  • Market analysis and business strategies
  • Business plans compilation
  • Risk management
  • Project management
We have the solution for those serious investors who are able and willing to grow their wealth on the African continent through strategic partnership. With the help of our strategic partners across Africa, we are proud to affirm that we can open doors of investments for you. We have a strong team of business experts that is dedicated in assisting the investors from the business plan to implementation of any viable project in Africa. We can assist investors in the sectors of mining, forestry, Energy, water and infrastructure.


Our company has been mandated to source investors who are willing to acquire mining assets in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the Republic of Congo.

These mines consist of different minerals such as: gold, diamond, tin, argent, copper, bauxite, iron ore, cobalt and coltan.
We also have concessions available for the construction of cement and steel factories.


Our company offers to investors the opportunity to acquire forest concessions and assists them establishing world-class operations, from setting up of sawmill plants to the export of the finished product. These concessions consist of different tropical African timber species.

Energy & Water

We provide guidance to Investors who are capable and willing to enter into these areas of business in the countries in which we operate.

Technology Solutions

We believe in developing and modernizing Africa through the provision of technology solutions.

Investment Opportunities

There are many investment opportunities in Africa in different sectors. Below are the countries in which we can assist investors to expand their businesses and grow their wealth. Select a country in which you would like to invest as well as the sector you are interested in.

Country Sectors
1 Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  • Mining
  • Cement Factory
  • Steel Factory
  • Energy Solution
  • Water Treatment
  • Construction
  • Technology Innovation
  • Other (Specify)
2 Republic of Congo
3 Angola
4 Namibia
5 Mozambique
6 Ghana
7 Zambia
8 Central Africa Republic

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